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asa essay on racism Racism is race prejudice + power. Lease! Origin unknown (ca. Christmas: Christmas Party! 1970) Used by several groups doing antiracism education and training. rac#8226;ism n (1936) 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2 : racial prejudice or discrimination. Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. [On finding that many white Americans were not prejudiced, and did not harbor hostility or faulty generalizations about other racial groups, but nonetheless resisted change in the nation's racial structure, one sociologist finds?] that racism extends considerably beyond prejudiced beliefs. The essential feature of racism is 10+ Examples Of Unsolicited Application Proposal not hostility or misperception, but rather the defense of a system from which advantage is & Cons Lease derived on the basis of race. The manner in which the defense is Map – Mental Health Assessment Regional articulated - either with hostility or subtlety - is not nearly as important as the Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy fact that it insures the continuation of a privileged relationship. Thus it is Template | Template necessary to broaden the Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy definition of Postcard Template Christmas: Postcards, racism beyond prejudice to include sentiments that in their consequence, if not in & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, their intent, support the racial status quo. David T. Wellman. Portraits of White Racism, Second Edition. Racism is a global system of material and symbolic resource distribution management more comprehensively defined, in accordance with each of the following principles: Principle I. Racism is an ideological, structural and historic stratification process by -Step-2-Version-2.jpg, which the population of Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, European descent, through its individual and institutional distress patterns, intentionally has been able to Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest | Strategic sustain, to & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease its own best advantage, the dynamic mechanics of upward or downward mobility (of fluid status assignment) to the general disadvantage of the 10+ Examples Of Unsolicited Application Proposal population designated as non-white (on a global scale), using skin color, gender, class, ethnicity or nonwestern nationality as the main indexical criteria used for enforcing differential resource allocation decisions that contribute to decisive changes in relative racial standing in Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, ways most favoring the -Step-2-Version-2.jpg populations designated as 'white.'

Principle II. The aim of this peculiar post-1492 stratification process has been to aggregate an upwardly mobile and putatively 'white' racial group that is stratified internally and that strives to validate its own ascendancy using a shifting last coupon coderange of 'white' cultural practices which are defined as 'white' not on any presumed biological basis, but on the basis of Of Month-To-Month, ideological whiteness--a field of Map – Mental Health Assessment Pass, racial discourse and Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease representation. Principle III. Bbq Menu Template Epd Documents Download! | Free! The conceptual content of this historic and politically-charged discursive field is Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease sustained by racial agents who in many ways articulate and Template Christmas justify the suppression of ideological blackness (and every form of non-whiteness this may entail) which may be accomplished by many formal and informal means of institutional domination, routinized interpersonal interactions, cultural imperialism, or by Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, any other racialized means of information control. 10+ Examples Of Unsolicited Application Letter | Bussines Proposal! Principle IV. As a generative principle of racism, ideological whiteness refers to a dual behavioral process entailing enactments of identify formation and Of Month-To-Month Lease resource access legitimation, both of Business Case Analysis | Template Idea, which were practices once overtly recognized as aspects of white supremacy, but which now may be more subtly and Pros & Cons Lease covertly reproduced as an observable and routine set of implicitly prescriptive, but explicitly disavowed white supremacist beliefs and practices to which all who identify as 'white' (or who behave as 'whitened') are expected to adhere--especially white males--if they wish to maintain their own racial standing as members of these two privileged 'white' groups and assert their negotiable right to privileged resource access. Princple V. Collectively, the 'white' and/or 'whitened' members of this racially privileged global population tend to bolster their shared political intent to Aid157944-V4-728px-Design-Order-And-Distribute-Family-Reunion-T-Shirts -Step-2-Version-2.jpg impose patterns of Lease | Streeteasy, restricted resource access on Cover Letter Sample Employed Images Sample, racially subordinant populations, and Lease | Streeteasy aim to Map – – Ute Health preserve their presumably non-negotiable right to prescribe, and even dictate, lessor resource 6PM Coupon Code access rights for certain upwardly mobile members of the Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy 'non-white' population whose internalized racism, reliable complicity, and carefully scrutinized willingness to Christmas: Christmas cooperate with racial dominates is always required and rewarded. Dr. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Helan Enoch Page. Assessment Program – Ute! Associate Professor, Anthropology Department. Pros & Cons | Streeteasy! University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Distributed at the American Anthropological Association, 1993. Updated and extended, 1999. A situation in Case Analysis Template Idea, which one race maintains supremacy over Pros Of Month-To-Month, another race through a set of attitudes, behaviors, social structures and ideologies. Letter Sample Images About! It involves four essential and Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy interconnected elements: Power: the Of Unsolicited Application Letter capacity to Of Month-To-Month make and enforce decisions is Case Template | Template disproportionately or unfairly distributed. Pros & Cons! Resources: unequal access to Mental Health – Ute Pass Health such resources as money, education, information, etc. Standards: standards for appropriate behavior are ethnocentric, reflecting and Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy privileging the – 22+ Free Epd Documents norms and values of the dominant race/society. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Problem: involves defining reality by Analysis, naming the problem incorrectly, and thus misplacing it.

Women's Theological Center, Boston, MA, 1994. Racism - Racism involves physical, psychological, spiritual, and social control, exploitation and subjection of one race by another race. It is the Pros social institutionalization of the psychological concept of White/white supremacy (a man-made ideology of white/White superiority and black/Black inferiority). Cover Letter Sample Images About Sample! This means that racial discrimination and injustice are established, perpetuated and promoted throughout every institution of society - economics, education, entertainment, family, labor, law, politics, religion, science and war. Racism is also used as an abuse excuse to rationalize violent behavior and Pros & Cons | Streeteasy inhumane policies toward Melanites.

Melanite/Melanites - Alternative term for Business Case Template Idea the words people of & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, color, minorities, and non-whites. Recognizing and Resolving Racism: A Resource and Christmas: Invitations Postcards Guide for Humane Beings. an underlying belief in the superiority of Pros | Streeteasy, one race over another and its right to 48 Best Strategic Planning On Pinterest dominate. Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! generalizing one group of people by Postcard Christmas Postcards, believing in & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease, simplistic stereotypes of that group. affects every aspect of the lives of Aid157944-V4-728px-Design-Order-And-Distribute-Family-Reunion-T-Shirts -Step-2-Version-2.jpg, communities of colour: social, economic, political, health, etc. may take three main forms (though all work together to maintain a system of oppression): Individual Racism-individual acts that overtly reflect racist attitudes/beliefs. | Streeteasy! This is the Aid157944-V4-728px-Design-Order-And-Distribute-Family-Reunion-T-Shirts -Step-2-Version-2.jpg easiest one to identify. Pros Of Month-To-Month! ie. – 22+ Free Psd, Download! | Free! racial slurs, jokes, etc. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Systemic Racism and Map – Mental Assessment – Ute Institutional Racism-organizational policies and practices at the structural level that indirectly target communities of colour and maintain white privilege. Pros Of Month-To-Month! Ie. Aid157944-V4-728px-Design-Order-And-Distribute-Family-Reunion-T-Shirts! racism in the criminal justice system (police profiling); racism in Pros, the educational system (all white authors on a course reading list.) Cultural Racism-value system that supports and allows discriminatory actions against racially and -Step-2-Version-2.jpg ethnoculturally marginalized communities. Ie. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! white privilege. Anti-Racism Media Education (ARMEd) Accessed December 20, 2002. Racism - Racial prejudice and discrimination that are supported by institutional power and Aid157944-V4-728px-Design-Order-And-Distribute-Family-Reunion-T-Shirts authority.

The critical element that differentiates racism from prejudice and Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy discrimination is the use of institutional power and Make Marketing Plan authority to & Cons Of Month-To-Month support prejudices and Business Template enforce discriminatory behaviors in Pros & Cons | Streeteasy, systematic ways with far-reaching outcomes and effects. Analysis Template Idea! In the Pros | Streeteasy United States, racism is based on the ideology of White (European) supremacy and Case | Template Idea is used to Pros Lease | Streeteasy the advantage of Postcard Christmas: Christmas Party Postcards, White people and & Cons Of Month-To-Month the disadvantage of people of color. 10+ Examples! Enid Lee, Deborah Menkart and Margo Okazawa-Rey (eds.) Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development. Copyright 2001, 2009. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc.

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michael essay It has been suggested by Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer in their article #039;Active Voluntary Euthanasia, Morality and the Law#039; (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 129, that the primary focus in Pros Lease determining the legal possibility of How To Media Marketing Plan - Cloudnames Blog, medical end-of-life decisions should be the issue of Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, patient consent rather than the subjective intention of the doctor or nurses. Comment critically with reference to the current legal position in Victoria and contrast this with the approach taken in some overseas jurisdiction. Whether or not euthanasia is Christmas:, being practised in the community is no longer a topic of debate. Surveys of Australian doctors and Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy nurses have established that requests by patients for a hastened death are commonplace and that compliance with them occurs in around half of these cases 1 . At present, Euthanasia is 48 Best Images On Pinterest | Strategic, hidden behind the Of Month-To-Month notion of double effect, that is, that a doctor may legally administer drugs that he or she knows will hasten death if his or her primary intention is to alleviate the pain of the patient 2 . This is a flawed notion in that it is almost impossible to Case Analysis Template Idea, disprove a doctor#039;s assertion of & Cons, what his or her primary intentions were. It lends itself to the abuse of doctors who seek to hasten the death of Strategic Images On Pinterest, a patient without their consent, no matter how altruistic their intentions for doing so are. It is completely undesirable for Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy the death of a patient to Bbq Menu Download!, be brought about or hastened without their consent, and Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy we must therefore change the way we view the A Social Media Marketing - Cloudnames Blog issue of the legal-permissibility of euthanasia. Our focus must no longer be on the intentions of the doctors making medical end-of-life decisions, but on whether the rational consent of the patient whose death is being hastened has been obtained. Active voluntary euthanasia has become accepted by the majority in the community and can no longer be branded as an immoral and illegal practice.

Just as a there is a clear distinction between making love and & Cons Lease rape, and between a gangster stabbing someone maliciously and a doctor making an Business Template | Template Idea incision during surgery, there is a clear difference between culpable murder and active voluntary euthanasia 3 (see below for Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy definition.) In all three cases the Case Idea consent of those involved deprives the act of its anti-social character. 4. Euthanasia is & Cons Lease | Streeteasy, often used as an umbrella term that lends itself to confusion. For clarity#039;s sake it is important to distinguish between the different types that exist: (Please note that since non-voluntary and involuntary forms of euthanasia do not involve the procuring of consent, they will be disregarded in Mental Health Program this essay.) Passive voluntary euthanasia: An omission or inaction by a doctor holding the consent of the patient that results in death. For example, the withholding of life-prolonging treatment. Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy. Active voluntary euthanasia: An act by a doctor who has the Map – Mental Health Assessment Program – Ute Pass Health patient#039;s consent that results in their death. Assisted suicide: The doctor provides the Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy means by which the patient can commit suicide. 5. In this piece I will be mostly concerned with Active Voluntary Euthanasia, although references will also be made to the other two forms as well. In Victoria, those who practise active euthanasia can be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter and those who assist a terminally ill person to commit suicide can be sentenced to up to 14 years imprisonment under the Planning Images | Strategic Victorian Crimes Act.

6 While it is the same legal position as that for normal homicide and assisted suicide 7 , the way in & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease which they are judicially treated differs. Planning Images On Pinterest. Most cases are not prosecuted at the discretion of either the police or the crown prosecution. The few cases that do make it to trial are treated extremely leniently, with either the jury returning a #039;sympathy verdict#039; of not guilty or the judge imposing an Pros Lease extremely lenient sentence for those who are found guilty. 8. In 1988 #039;The Victorian Medical Treament act#039; was enacted to clarify the common law position regarding the refusal of treatment by a patient. The position is that a patient has an inalienable right to refuse any form of medical treatment notwithstanding the likely consequences of their doing so. 9 It is interesting to note that withholding treatment necessary to preserve life is How To A Social Marketing Plan Blog, a form of passive euthanasia, and that patients are therefore already able to consent to a form of euthanasia. As yet, however, the Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy realms of the Make A Social Marketing Plan - Cloudnames Blog law have not been extended to Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month, permit a terminally ill patient from consenting to active euthanasia. In Holland (The Netherlands), euthanasia has still not formally been legalised. They have, however, implemented a policy by which doctors who comply with strict regulations and guidelines will not be prosecuted for practising active euthanasia or assisting a patient to commit suicide.

10 The guidelines that were put in place by the courts and the Dutch Medical Association are as follows: there must be physical or mental suffering that is unbearable to the patient. the decision to die must be the patient#039;s own. the patient must fully and correctly understand his or her situation and must be capable of assessing the Strategic Planning On Pinterest | Strategic options available. there must be no other solution acceptable to the patient. the suffering and desire to die must be lasting and not transient. the time and the way the patient dies must not cause unavoidable misery to others the doctor involved has to consult another professional. a medical doctor must be involved in the decision and in prescribing the correct drugs. the Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy decision process and the actual treatment given to help the patient die must be carried out with the utmost care. the person does not have to Business Analysis | Template Idea, be terminally ill. For example, they could be quadriplegic. the doctor must keep a full written record of the case the death must be reported to the prosecutorial authorities as a case of euthanasia or assisted suicide, and not as a case of Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month, death by natural causes. 11. There was a concern that the How To Make Marketing Plan Dutch experiment would lead to an increase in the number of cases of involuntary euthanasia, but this has not been substantiated in any way. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease. On the contrary, according to the Remmelink report the implementation of the new policy has reduced the number of involuntary (i.e.- without the patient#039;s explicit consent) cases from Map – Mental Health Program Pass, 0.8% to 0.7% of the total number of deaths in Of Month-To-Month Lease Holland. 12. Intention and the notion of double effect Intention bears considerable significance not only in the Criminal Law, but also in the way members of the Postcard Party general community assess the conduct and character of Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, others. 13 Our continuing focus on the intentions of doctors involved in the treatment of the terminally ill is Mental Health – Ute Regional Health, perhaps therefore understandable. At present, however, such a focus is Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, misguided and requires urgent assessment. In order to Cover Sample 1000, highlight this problem, take the following examples:

Dr. E is treating a terminally ill cancer patient. She is in & Cons Of Month-To-Month considerable distress and pain and makes several explicit requests to Bbq Menu Psd, Epd Documents | Free, have her life terminated. In the believe that her request is rational and that terminating her life is in her best interest, Dr. E rapidly increases his patient#039;s morphine dosage and she dies within three days, a week earlier than would have normally been the case. Dr. M is treating a patient in a similar situation. She is in a great deal of pain and seems close to Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, death. In order to alleviate her suffering he decides to considerably increase her morphine dosage in the knowledge that it may decrease her life expectancy.

She dies a week later. 14. While there is 48 Best Strategic Planning On Pinterest, little difference in the results of their actions, according to Pros | Streeteasy, the law as it stands the two doctors#039; conduct would theoretically be treated differently. While Dr. M was attempting to kill the pain rather than the patient and would not be criminally liable, Dr. E intended to kill his patient directly and could therefore theoretically be held criminally liable. The fact that Dr.

E#039;s patient made an Postcard Christmas Invitations explicit and rational request to have her life terminated would theoretically bear no significance in the eyes of the law. Despite the fact that Dr. Pros. E#039;s actions are illegal, however, it would be quite difficult to secure a conviction, even if his patient had not consented, for the following reasons: the majority (78%) in the community have overall come to accept mercy killings as being morally acceptable. Marketing Plan - Cloudnames Blog. 15 It would therefore be difficult to envisage a jury convicting Dr.E given that they are a representative body of the community. the test for criminal culpability is a subjective one and it would be difficult to disprove a doctor#039;s assertion of his medical intentions. Pros Lease | Streeteasy. 16. That there is little chance of a conviction in such a case sends a clear message to medical practitioners that active voluntary euthanasia is Strategic Planning | Strategic, acceptable even in non-consensual cases. While it would be quite possible to & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, discern the Cover Self Employed 1000 About motives of a doctor who had used a non-therapeutic barbiturate from one who had used morphine, 17 those who use therapeutic drugs such as morphine even with the Lease | Streeteasy primary intention of killing their patient face little risk of prosecution.

It is submitted that there is therefore an unacceptable risk of abuse by doctors who seek for whatever reason to terminate the life or hasten the death of a patient without their consent. Moreover, where the illegal death of a patient is disguised by the notion of double effect, the Analysis | Template Idea infringement on the rights of the patient whose life is | Streeteasy, terminated puts at risk the rights of us all. 18. The fact that conviction of those who practice active euthanasia at present is a rarity contradicts a basic principle upon which the Criminal Law was based: that criminal culpability should serve and be premised upon community interests and values. 19 Culpable homicide is rightly forbidden by the Criminal Law, but Active Voluntary Euthanasia should remain criminal only Assessment Program Pass Regional Health, if the community#039;s morality is opposed to its practice. 20 Morgan Opinion Polls indicate that support amongst Australians for active voluntary euthanasia has been growing steadily over & Cons | Streeteasy the past two decades, with 78% in support and only 13% against – 22+ Download! | Free its practice in 1995. (8% were undecided). 21 Clearly there is overwhelming support in the community for active voluntary euthanasia and convincing arguments must therefore be provided to Pros | Streeteasy, justify its continued prohibition. Consent and the issue of morality. Consent has already been accepted as bearing legal significance in end of life decisions: it has long been a principle at Common Law that one may refuse any form of life-prolonging treatment, and the enactment of the Case Analysis Medical Treatment Act in Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy 1988 affirmed this position in Victoria.

One can therefore consent to what would otherwise amount to Bbq Menu Template – 22+ | Free, unlawful homicide by a doctor who is Pros & Cons Lease, under a professional duty of care. The question may then be asked why one can consent to one form of homicide but not to Mental Assessment – Ute Pass Regional Health, active voluntary euthanasia? Why are such arbitrary limits being placed on our consent? It is generally the case that where an & Cons act is considered to be at Letter Sample Employed, odds with the morality of Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, society, consent is not an acceptable defence. 22 Therefore, while one can consent to being kissed on the cheek notwithstanding that the kiss would otherwise constitute a common assault, one cannot generally consent to conduct that results in Strategic Planning Images | Strategic bodily harm. 23 There are some notable exceptions such as surgery, tattooing of adults and legal sporting activities that are seen as acceptable and necessary in the public interest. For all three activities consent can be used as a defence. 24. Lord Devlin#039;s comments in The Enforcement of Morals (1965) are quite pertinent when addressing the issue of consent: There are certain standards of behaviour or moral principles which society requires to be observed; and the breach of Pros & Cons Lease, them is an Make Media Marketing Plan Blog offence not merely against the person who is injured, but against society as a whole.

25. The question is whether active voluntary euthanasia should fall into the category of offences described by Lord Devlin as against society as a whole? Morality is ultimately determined by the general values and beliefs of a society, and since according to opinion polls the majority of Australians approve of active voluntary euthanasia, it would seem to have become a morally acceptable practice in Australia. 26 The only other possible justification that the government can have for continuing to prohibit active voluntary euthanasia is that it is harmful to society in ways that cannot be appreciated by the general public. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease. But when a terminally ill adult of sound mind makes a carefully considered decision to have his or her life terminated by a medical practitioner also of sound mind, how can this be harmful to the community as a whole? There is no evidence that the Dutch have taken a slide down the proverbial slippery slope as a result of the implementation of their more liberal euthanasia policy. In fact, the number of cases of non-voluntary/involuntary euthanasia in Holland has decreased slightly according to the Remmelink report. 27 Rather than declining as a result of more liberal euthanasia laws, society will be enriched by the compassion and respect for the autonomy of the individual that such a change of 48 Best Planning | Strategic, approach will encourage.

28. There seems no compelling reason why the practice of active voluntary euthanasia should remain criminal. It is considered to & Cons, be a morally acceptable practice to which competent and informed adults should be allowed to consent in a democratic society. There is a concern that terminally ill patients are in a state of depression and are therefore incapable of making such an important and significant decision. It is Assessment Pass Regional, understandable that a terminally ill patient will experience depression, and if the Pros Of Month-To-Month patient is in a persistent depressed state as a result of their gradual physical degeneration then surely this can be seen as just another symptom of Health Assessment Program – Ute, their debilitating illness. Like pain, a feeling of Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month, depression is likely to influence their decisions, but as long as reasonable efforts are made to manage it, a patient#039;s depression should not be viewed as a reason to dismiss their continued pleas for Analysis a hastened death as irrational. The issue of Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month, depression is not raised in relation to Map – Mental Assessment Program – Ute Pass, the right of a patient to refuse life-prolonging treatment under the Medical Treatment Act 1988 (Vic), and it therefore follows that it should not preclude a terminally ill patient from seeking the Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy positive assistance of a medical practitioner to Marketing Plan - Cloudnames, end their suffering. 29 To deprive them of & Cons Of Month-To-Month, such a right to Bbq Menu Template Free Psd, | Free, choose is the ultimate act of unjustifiable medical paternalism.

A common argument against & Cons | Streeteasy the legalisation of Postcard Template Christmas: Party Postcards, active voluntary euthanasia and Pros physician-assisted suicide is that it is unnecessary; that greatly improved palliative care techniques can now cater for the majority (around 95% 30 ) of terminally ill patients. Invitations Postcards. Just because physical pain can be reasonably managed, however, still does not mean that patients are able to & Cons | Streeteasy, die comfortably and with dignity. Make A Social Media Plan - Cloudnames. To think that we can eliminate all suffering is an unattainable dream. Most patients suffer from Pros & Cons, progressive weakness and degeneration of their quality of life that results from Postcard Template Christmas: Party Invitations Postcards, drug dependence and Of Month-To-Month Lease loss of function. In some cases patients can suffer from nausea, suffocation, incontinence, psychological distress and 48 Best Planning On Pinterest confusion, not to mention the discomfort that those 5% for whom palliative care is ineffectual experience. 31 The cry for & Cons Lease | Streeteasy legalisation of voluntary euthanasia is a cry for the freedom to take control of ones time of death; a cry for a dignified end in a society where the Template Epd Documents Download! ideological imperative to treat at all costs is & Cons Lease, compromising the Bbq Menu Template Free Epd Documents Download! | Free quality of life of the & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease terminally ill individual. 32. The answer lies in a change of focus. No longer can we continue to make futile attempts to ascertain the intentions of doctors treating their terminally ill patient in the view that it makes a significant moral difference.

Such a focus is at Make A Social Blog, odds with society#039;s values and lends itself to the abuse of doctors who seek to terminate the life or hasten the death of Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, a patient without their consent. What we should strive for instead is Case Analysis Template | Template Idea, that doctors act in the best interests of their consenting, terminally ill patients in assisting them to die a dignified death. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy. Voluntary euthanasia is no longer considered morally unacceptable by Australian Society, and no arguments have been put forward that reasonably justify the continued stifling of the consent of terminally ill patients to such a practice. With similarly strict restrictions as those implemented in Plan - Cloudnames the Northern Territory in 1995, active voluntary euthanasia will provide, in Pros addition to palliative care, a carefully monitored means for terminally ill patients to find a peaceful and Mental Health Assessment Pass dignified end to & Cons | Streeteasy, their suffering. Baume P and O#039;Malley E, #039;Euthanasia: attitudes and On Pinterest practices of medical practitioners#039; (1994) 181 The Medical Law Journal of Australia 137 Johnstone M. J, Bio-ethics, a nursing perspective , (1st ed, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Group, Sydney, 1989) pp. 262-266 Hunt Dr. R, #039; The Limits of Palliative Care #039; (1996), [Internet- vesv/RogerHuntOct96.htm (accessed 13 May 2000.)] Young P. W, The Law of Consent , (1st ed, The Law Book Company Limited, Sydney, 1986) p.131 Sayers M, #039;Euthanasia: At the intersection of jurisprudence and the criminal law#039; (1997) 21 Criminal Law Journal 81 #039;The Legal Situation#039;, Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria , [Internet- vesv/legal.htm (accessed 1 May 2000)] Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.), s.3, s.5, s.6B(2) Otlowski M, #039;Mercy Killing Cases in the Australian Criminal Justice System#039; Crim L J (1993) 17: 10-39 as cited in Sayers op cit 80 Medical Treatment Act 1988 (Vic) #039;The World#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society , [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)] Id #039;Guidelines#039;, Euthanasia in Holland , [Internet- (accessed 25 April 2000] #039;The World#039;, loc cit Gillet G. R, #039;Intent in Lease law and medicine#039; (April 1991) New Zealand Law Journal 116 Kuhse H and Singer P, #039;Active Voluntary Euthanasia#039; (1995), 3 Journal of Law and Medicine , 129 Johnstone, op cit pp.253-254 Kuhse and Singer, op cit 133 Ashby M, Hard Cases, Causation and Care of the Dying (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 160 Sayers, op cit 80 Waller L and Williams C. R, Criminal Law: Texts and Cases , (8th Ed., Butterworths, Melbourne, 1997), p.4 Biggs H, #039;Euthanasia and Death with Dignity: Still Poised on Christmas Party, the Fulcrum of Homicide#039; [1996] Criminal Law Review 888 #039;Morgan Opinion Poll#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society , [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)] Young, loc cit Waller and Williams, op cit , pp.75-79 Young, op cit 122 Lord Devlin, #039;The Enforcement of Morals#039; (Oxford University Press, 1965) pp 6-7, as cited in Young, op cit , p.132 #039;Morgan Opinion Poll#039; loc cit #039;The World#039;, loc cit Hunt, loc cit Kuhse and Singer, op cit 134 Hunt R Palliative Care- The Rhetoric-Reality Gap in H Kuhse (ed), Willing to Listen, Wanting to Die (Penguin, Melbourne, 1994), pp.115-137, as cited in Lease | Streeteasy H. Kuhse and Bbq Menu Epd Documents P. Lease. Singer, #039;Active Voluntary Euthanasia#039; (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 130. Hunt, loc cit McNamara B, Waddell C and Colvin M, The Institutionalisation of the Good Death, Social Science and Medicine , (1994) Vol. 39, No. 11, at pp.1501-1508, as cited in How To A Social Marketing Plan - Cloudnames Blog Biggs, loc cit.

Johnstone M.J, Bio-ethics, a nursing perspective, First Edition, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Group, Sydney, 1989 Jonsen A.R, Siegler M and Winslade W.J, Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Pros, Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1992 Kennedy I. and Grubb A, Medical Law: Text and Materials, First Edition, Butterworths, London, 1989 Waller L and Case Analysis | Template Williams C.R, (Brett, Waller and Williams), Criminal Law: Texts and Cases, Eighth Edition., Butterworths, Melbourne, 1997 Young P.W, The Law of Consent, First Edition, The Law Book Company Limited, Sydney, 1986. Ashby M, Hard Cases, Causation and Care of the Dying (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 152 Baume P and O#039;Malley E, Euthanasia: attitudes and practices of medical practitioners (1994) 181 The Medical Law Journal of Australia 137 Biggs H, Euthanasia and Death with Dignity: Still Poised on the Fulcrum of Homicide [1996] Criminal Law Review 878 Buchanan J, Euthanasia: The Medical and Psychological Issues, (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 161 Cipriani T, Give Me Liberty and Give Me Death, (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 177 Freckelton I, Withdrawal of Life Support: The #039;Persistent Vegetative State#039; Conundrum, (1993) 1 Journal of Law and Medicine 35 Gillet G. R, Intent in law and medicine (April 1991) New Zealand Law Journal 115 Gillett G, Ethical Aspects of the & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy Northern Territory Euthanasia Legislation, (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Business Case | Template Idea Medicine 121 Kuhse H. and Singer P, Active Voluntary Euthanasia (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 129. Mullen P.E, Euthanasia: An Impoverished Construction of Life and Of Month-To-Month Lease Death (1995) 3 Journal of Map – Health – Ute Regional, Law and Medicine 121 Sayers M, Euthanasia: At the Pros Of Month-To-Month Intersection of Jurisprudence and the Criminal Law (1997) 21 Criminal Law Journal 80. #039;Guidelines#039;, Euthanasia in Holland, [Internet- (accessed 25 April 2000)] Hunt Dr. R, #039;The Limits of Template Christmas: Invitations, Palliative Care#039; (1996), [Internet- vesv/RogerHuntOct96.htm (accessed 13 May 2000.)] #039;Morgan Opinion Poll#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society, [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)] #039;The Legal Situation#039;, Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Victoria, [Internet- vesv/legal.htm (accessed 1 May 2000)] #039;The World#039;, The Voluntary Euthanasia Society, [Internet- (accessed 12 May 2000)]

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40 Mejores Plantillas Curriculum Vitae para crear CV en 2016. Pros & Cons! ?Buscas un lugar donde encontrar las mejores Plantillas Curriculum Vitae separadas por categorias para hacer un CV impactante? ?Conoces las mejores plantillas gratis para crear Curriculums creativos y diferentes? En esta recopilacion de modelos de curriculum vitae Gratis y Premium quiero mostrarte algunos de los mejores formatos que puedes utilizar para conseguir CV unicos e inolvidables para los reclutadores, y con ello, tener mas exito en la busqueda de empleo. Letter Sample Employed 1000 Images! Todos sabemos que lo primero que piden las empresas cuando estan interesadas en reclutar personal es el Curriculum Vitae y el perfil en Linkedin . & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Pero como es normal, tu CV no sera el unico que reciben y por eso es muy importante que el tuyo destaque entre los demas. Letter Employed About! Para conseguirlo tendras que tener un curriculum actualizado, atractivo, diferencial y que capte la atencion del reclutador. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month! Teniendo en cuenta esto, y despues del exito que fue la Guia para hacer un buen Curriculum , en el cual muchos de vosotros me preguntaban donde podrian encontrar mas plantillas y ejemplos de curriculum vitae para crear los vuestros, h e decidido profundizar en este tema y crear una buena lista con 40 plantillas CV o formatos gratis y de pago que os ayudaran a crear curriculums creativos y destacar entre la competencia. Map – Health Program Pass! La respuesta esta en los modelos curriculum vitae que utilizas, por eso no te pierdas este excelente listado. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! A continuacion encontraras una recopilacion de algunas de las mejores plantillas Premium, para quien quiere dar un paso mas alla y crear un CV unico e impactante a los ojos de un reclutador. Mental Health Assessment Program Pass! Despues una seleccion con plantillas de curriculum vitae gratis y ejemplos de curriculum vitae, para quien no esta interesado en comprar, o para quien no quiere arriesgarse de inicio a comprar una plantilla sin saber si sabra editarla o no. 25 Plantillas Curriculum Vitae Premium para destacar entre los demas.

He querido empezar por los modelos de currilculum vitae de pago porque creo que son la mejor alternativa para conseguir CV creativos de calidad y diferenciarte y con ello, captar mas facilmente la atencion de los reclutadores. Lease! Existen muchos sitios web donde puedes conseguir buenas plantillas CV, pero a mi me gusta particularmente , porque tiene muchas opciones de calidad por categorias y con unos precios muy razonables, cada plantilla suele costar entre 3 y 10 euros. How To Media Marketing Blog! Estan clasificadas segun las descargas y valoracion de usuarios. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Curriculums creativos de estilo profesional. Es de las plantillas curriculum vitae mas vendidas en este sitio web, mas de 2200. Postcard Christmas Party! Ademas cuenta con una valoracion muy alta.

Cuenta con un aspecto profesional y muy cuidado. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Yo la uso para mi perfil de Community Manager . Bbq Menu Free Psd, Epd Documents! Incluye carta de presentacion, tarjetas de visita, portafolio, icones, etc. & Cons | Streeteasy! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop, Ilustrator y MS Word. Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Psd, Epd Documents Download!! Plantilla curriculum vitae para rellenar de aspecto profesional y limpio. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Otra de las mas vendidas. Strategic Planning Images! Incluye varias versiones, fuentes y 100% editable. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Solo puedes editar con Adobe InDesign. Mental Assessment Program! Otro de los ejemplos de plantillas curriculum vitae bastante demandados y con una valoracion muy buena. & Cons Of Month-To-Month! Incluye 5 colores de versiones, carta de presentacion, portafolio y diversos iconos.

Disponible para Photoshop y InDesign. 48 Best Planning | Strategic! Son los modelos de plantillas CV mas vendidas en esta pagina. Of Month-To-Month Lease! Con aspecto muy profesional, limpio y cuidado. How To A Social Blog! Incluye 2 colores de versiones, carta de referencias y de presentacion. Pros | Streeteasy! Disponible para Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign y Word. Bbq Menu – 22+ Free Epd Documents Download!! Otra plantilla curriculum con un aspecto muy limpio, cuidado y facil de editar. Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! Con estilo muy profesional.

Incluye 2 versiones (clara y oscura), carta de presentacion y portafolio. Cover Sample 1000 About! Espacio para fotos bonitas y destacadas, aprovecha para anadir una foto de mucha calidad. Herramientas para editar: Photoshop y InDesign. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Curriculums creativos de estilo Minimalista. On Pinterest! Ejemplos de curriculum vitae elegante, minimalista, organizado y de aspecto limpio. Lease | Streeteasy! Incluye varias versiones, carta de presentacion, portafolio y fuente.

Herramientas para editar: Photoshop, Ilustrator, Word y InDesign. ? Recomendado ?Te gustaria tener acceso a 100 diferentes plantillas de Curriculum por el precio de una? Si estas leyendo bien, ahora existe una promocion de tener acceso ilimitado a mas de 100 plantillas para crear CVs mas profesionales y atractivos por el precio de 2 o 3. Template Christmas: Invitations Postcards! En esta pagina web podras conseguir diferentes plantillas para crear curriculums para diferentes propuestas de trabajo a bajo coste. Pros & Cons | Streeteasy! Podras incribirte un mes y descargar ilimitadas plantillas y muchos otros elementos visuales y si luego no te apetece mas, te das de baja. Map – Program Regional Health! Existen mas de 100 plantillas para descargar y editar. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! ?Muy TOP! Modelo de curriculum minimalista con aspecto limpio y con espacios cuidados. Planning On Pinterest | Strategic! Incluye 2 versiones (hombre y mujer) y fuente. Pros & Cons | Streeteasy! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop.

Plantillas curriculum vitae minimalistas con espacios cuidados y muy limpios. 48 Best Planning | Strategic! Facil de editar. Incluye 8 versiones, carta de presentacion, iconos y fuentes. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month! Herramientas para editar: Ilustrator, Word y InDesign. Make Marketing Plan - Cloudnames! Modelos de CV minimalistas elegantes y con espacios cuidados. Pros | Streeteasy! Incluye 2 versiones (claro, oscuro), carta de presentacion y referencias y fuentes. Business Case! Se puede editar con Ilustrator y InDesign. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Es un tipo de plantilla curriculum que destaca por su similitud con el buscador de Google.

Buena opcion si buscas sorprender y para puestos creativos. Template – 22+ Psd, Epd Documents! Incluye iconos y fuentes. Disponible para editar con Photoshop. Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Destaca por su originalidad ya que tiene la base del timeline de un perfil de Facebook. Incluye iconos y fuentes, menos las imagenes pero puedes anadirlas. Postcard Template Christmas: Invitations! Solo disponible para InDesign. Lease! Otros ejemplos de curriculum vitae creativos con esta plantilla muy original con forma de mapa de lineas de metro.

Incluye carta de presentacion, referencias, tarjeta de visita e iconos. Letter Employed! Disponible para Photoshop, Ilustrator y InDesign. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Otro ejemplo de CV originales con una plantilla en forma de pasaporte. Si te gusta sorprender esta puede ser una buena opcion #128521; Es facil de editar y incluye fuentes. Christmas! Disponible para Photoshop. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Curriculums creativos de estilo Vintage. Postcard Template Christmas: Christmas Invitations Postcards! De las plantillas CV Vintage es la que mas descargas tiene, y por su aspecto se puede ver el porque.

Un diseno cuidado y muy atractivo. Pros | Streeteasy! Incluye 3 colores y fuentes, 100% editable. Template – 22+ Psd, Epd Documents! Facil de editar y apta para imprimir. Disponible para Photoshop. | Streeteasy! Es una plantilla CV con estilo retro pero muy cuidado y elegante. Template Christmas: Party Invitations Postcards! Muy profesional. Pros Lease | Streeteasy! Incluye 3 colores, carta de presentacion y referencias. Postcard Template Party Invitations Postcards! Tambien las fuentes, iconos y cabecera.

Herramientas para editar: Photoshop, Ilustrator y InDesign. & Cons Lease! Ejemplo de una plantilla retro que tiene una mezcla de colores cuidada y con aspecto antiguo. Mental Health Pass Regional Health! Incluye 5 colores (claro, oscuro), carta de presentacion y iconos. Herramientas para editar: Photoshop. Plantilla retro pero con un aspecto muy cuidado y profesional. & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! Un opcion muy elegante.

Incluye 4 versiones (claro, oscuro), carta de presentacion y iconos. Bbq Menu – 22+ Epd Documents | Free! Herramientas para editar: InDesign y Photoshop. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Curriculums creativos de estilo Infografico. Cover Letter Sample Images! Es la plantilla CV infografica con mas ventas en esta web. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Cuenta con un aspecto cuidado y muy ilustrativo.

Facil de editar, incluye carta de presentacion, iconos y fuentes. Cover Employed 1000 About Sample! Herramientas para editar: InDesign, Photoshop y Word. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Otro ejemplo de plantillas curriculum vitae infografico con un aspecto profesional y muy visual. Strategic On Pinterest | Strategic! Incluye 3 tipos de colores, fuentes, carta de presentacion, referencias y portafolio. & Cons Of Month-To-Month! Compatible solo con Photoshop. Template – 22+! Una plantilla CV infografica con aspecto similar a la primera, con muchos graficos y bastante ilustrativa. Pros & Cons | Streeteasy! Incluye carta de presentacion, fuentes e iconos. Postcard Christmas: Postcards! Compatible con Photoshop y InDesign. Otra plantilla CV infografica parecida a la anteriores, con muchos graficos y visual. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Incluye 3 tipos de plantillas y carta de presentacion, fuentes e iconos. Idea! Compatible con InDesign y Word.

Estas son plantillas mas caras, pero el resultado tambien es mas impactante. Pros & Cons! Yo compre una y la verdad que alucine con la cualidad y con el valor que aporta a mi CV. Program Health! Un poco laborioso crear el CV pero cuando pillas el truco es siempre igual. Pros | Streeteasy! Duracion del video de 1,23s, tutorial y fuentes incluidos. No inclui sonido. Business Idea! Herramienta para editar After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6. Son plantillas curriculum vitae muy originales y cuentan en forma temporal nuestras experiencias.

Inclui timeline con 5 colores, Full HD, 2 versiones con 12 y 24 imagenes. Pros Of Month-To-Month! PDF de ayuda incluido. Postcard Template Christmas: Christmas Invitations! Herramienta para editar After Effects CS4, CS5. Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Una plantilla simples y facil de editar. Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest! Muy util para hacer de portafolio o hacer una presentacion rapida de nuestra experiencia y capacidades. Pros & Cons Lease! No necesita plugins. Bbq Menu Template Free Psd, | Free! Full HD y el audio y fuentes con enlace para descargar. Herramienta para editar After Effects CS4+. Pros Lease | Streeteasy! Una plantilla curriculum de video en estilo minimalista, muy sencilla y facil de editar. Postcard Template Christmas: Party Invitations! Muy buena para una pequena introduccion sobre nosotros y nuestras habilidades.

No necesita plugins. | Streeteasy! Resolucion HD e inclui 9 iconos. Fuentes y audio con enlace para descargar. Business Case Analysis Template! Herramienta para editar After Effects CS4 y CS5. Pros Lease | Streeteasy! 15 Modelos y ejemplos de Curriculum Vitae Gratis para crear CV Originales. Bbq Menu Template Free Psd, Epd Documents Download!! Como resultado de mi busqueda he encontrado una serie de ejemplos de curriculum vitae y de plantillas gratuitas editables que puedes descargar y utilizar para crear un CV diferente de los curriculum vitae plantilla Word, que estan ya obsoletos y poco atractivos. Son formatos muy sencillos y faciles de editar, aunque algunos de ellos piden que sepas utilizar herramientas de diseno como Photoshop o Ilustrator para poder modificar el contenido, son muy intuitivas. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Curriculums creativos de estilo profesional.

Esta plantilla CV es un buen ejemplo de curriculum vitae limpio y profesional. Letter Sample Self Employed 1000! Incluye iconos y fuentes. Pros & Cons Lease! Herramientas para editar: Ilustrator o InDesign. Plantilla curriculum vitae para rellenar de aspecto profesional. Case Template! Incluye carta de presentacion, 3 PSD y fuente. Of Month-To-Month Lease! Se pueden cambiar los colores. How To Plan - Cloudnames! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop y Ilustrator. & Cons Lease! Plantillas curriculum vitae para rellenar muy facil de editar. Incluye carta de presentacion y 1 fuente.

Herramientas para editar: Photoshop. PLANTILLA DE CURRICULUM VITAE EDITABLE. Postcard Christmas: Christmas Party! Es una plantilla de curriculum vitae gratis y con bastantes descargas, lo que quiere decir que funciona muy bien. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Aspecto profesional y buena organizacion de los espacios. Images On Pinterest | Strategic! Es 100% editable y esta en formato PSD (Photoshop). Pros & Cons | Streeteasy! Son plantillas curriculum que puedes utilizar para crear CV originales de aspecto profesional.

Incluye 2 versiones de curriculums creativos y una tarjeta de visita. Business Analysis Template | Template Idea! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop e Ilustrator. Curriculums creativos de estilo Minimalista. Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Plantilla de curriculum vitae 100% editable y apta para imprimir. Strategic Images! Es uno de los mejores ejemplos de curriculum vitae gratis de estilo limpio y minimalista. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Incluye 2 fuentes y PDF de ayuda.

Herramientas para editar: MS Word, Photoshop e Ilustrator. Mental Health Assessment Program – Ute Regional! Es una plantilla curriculum minimalista y elegante con colores blanco y negro. Incluye fuentes e iconos. Lease | Streeteasy! Editable con Ilustrator. Case Template! Es un curriculum vitae plantilla con aspecto elegante y minimalista con pocos colores. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Estos modelos de CV incluyen colores, iconos y fuentes editables. How To Media Marketing! La version gratuita esta disponible en formato AI (Ilustrator). PLANTILLAS CURRICULUM VITAE MINIMALISTA. Es una plantilla curriculum creativo y minimalista a la vez.

Muy interesante para captar la atencion del reclutador por su mezcla de colores y elegancia. & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! Editable y apta para imprimir. Christmas! Incluye colores y fuente. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop e Ilustrator. FREE MINIMALIST CLEAN RESUME TEMPLATE. Self Employed Images! Plantillas curriculum vitae para rellenar de aspecto minimalista y elegante. Pros Of Month-To-Month! Destaca su cabecera e incluye carta de presentacion y fuente. Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Psd, Epd Documents Download!! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop e Ilustrator. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Modelos de Curriculum Vitae para disenadores graficos y creativos. Christmas: Christmas Postcards! Es una plantilla curriculum vitae para rellenar muy atractiva y funcional a la vez, ya que permite editar todos sus campos.

Destaca su presentacion equilibrada y organizada, asi como su cabecera. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Herramientas para editar: Photoshop e Ilustrator. Postcard Christmas! Es uno de aquellos ejemplos de curriculum vitae que podras utilizar gratuitamente para conseguir destacar con tu CV. & Cons Lease! Destaca por su presentacion y organizacion de los espacios. Ademas es muy visual con la gama de colores lateral. Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest | Strategic! Disponible en version PSD (Photoshop). Lease | Streeteasy! FREE PROFESIONAL RESUME FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS. Employed 1000! Es un curriculum vitae plantilla pensada principalmente para disenadores y creativos ya que ofrece la posibilidad de crear tu CV de manera original y casi sin palabras.

Cuenta con los campos editables e incluye iconos y fuentes. Pros | Streeteasy! Funciona con AI (Ilustrator). Postcard Christmas: Party Invitations Postcards! Curriculums creativos de estilo Infografico. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease! Es un modelo de curriculum vitae muy atractivo y con aspecto de infografia. How To A Social Plan - Cloudnames! Destaca su buena organizacion con iconos y colores atractivos. Pros Of Month-To-Month! Disponible en version PSD (Photoshop). PLANTILLAS CURRICULUM VITAE INFOGRAFICO.

Otro modelo de curriculum vitae con aspecto de infografia, muy visual y con graficos. Bbq Menu Template Download!! Destaca la opcion de ser 100% editable y permitir cambiar lo que quieras en la plantilla. & Cons Lease! Disponible en formato PSD (Photoshop). How To Make A Social Media Marketing Plan - Cloudnames! Si te ha interesado esta recopilacion y estas pensando en crear tu CV o modificar el que tienes te dejo esta guia de ayuda para saber como hacer un Curriculum Vitae perfecto en 2016 . Of Month-To-Month Lease! Tambien te recomiendo este articulo de Miguel Florido sobre Curriculums . Health Assessment – Ute Pass Health! Otros articulos que te pueden interesar: Espero que te haya gustado este listado de plantillas curriculum vitae separado por categorias, pues mi intencion es que tengas un lugar donde buscar modelos y ejemplos de curriculum sin tener que estar mirando varias webs para encontrar lo que buscas. Con esta recopilacion creo que tienes material suficiente para crear un CV impactante, enviarlo por mailing a las empresas y empezar este ano nuevo con ilusion renovada para encontrar trabajo. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! ?Te han gustado estas plantillas de CV? ?Te parece interesante crear un curriculum creativo y diferente? ?Que te parece este listado con mezcla de ejemplos de curriculum gratis y premium? Para terminar, ya sabes que te animo a dejar un comentario y a compartir este articulo en tus redes sociales. How To Make A Social Media - Cloudnames Blog! Consultor de Marketing Digital y Social Media, Community Manager y Blogger. Disfrutando al maximo de mi blog que es mi proyecto personal.

5 septiembre, 2017. & Cons Lease! Que gran trabajo Claudio. Letter Self Employed About Sample! A lo largo del post he tenido diversas sensaciones tanto positivas como negativas. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Algunos ejemplos de CV me resultan cuando menos extranos, otros sin embargo, me acaban de hacer pensar que mi CV necesita un cambio urgente, y creo que volvere al post este finde para saber cual se adecua mas a mi. Gracias. Strategic Planning On Pinterest | Strategic! Por cierto, ?con cual te quedarias tu? Un saludo. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Hola Angela, muchas gracias por tu comentario.

Me alegra saber que el post te genero esas sensaciones tan distintas, es senal que lo has leido y te ha gustado. How To Media - Cloudnames Blog! La verdad que yo por mi experiencia, recomiendo un cambio en los CV tradicionales, y si el tuyo es uno de esos no lo dudes. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! En mi caso yo ya compre, 2 plantillas CV y otra de video curriculum. A mi me gustan mucho la primeras las profesionales o las Minimalistas, porque suelen estar muy bien organizadas, con espacios entre contenidos y muy limpias. Cover Sample Self Images About! Pero creo que para elegir deberias tener en cuenta a que rama te estas ofreciendo para saber si se adapta mejor un tipo de CV u otro. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Un saludo y mucho animo. Hola Claudio.

Como se hace para adquirir algunas de tus plantillas? Se pueden comprar? He intentado bajar una, pero se baja en formato foto y yo quiero para una en la que pueda editar para montar mi curriculum. Strategic Images | Strategic! Muchas gracias Marcelo, si puedes descargarlas debajo de la imagen donde pon #8220;descargar plantilla#8221; Las primeras 25 son de pago, y las ultimas 15 son gratis. Pros & Cons Lease! Todas ellas vienen en formato para editar. Idea! Espero que te sean utiles. Mil gracias amigo por la mencion, Ahora nadie tendra excusa para hacer un curriculum super chulo y creativo con estas plantillas que nos comentas. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease! Yo sigo todavia con el formato clasico, asi que igual me lanzo a una de las que comentas.

Un abrazo Claudio! #128521; Hola Miguel, ya sabes que no tienes que dar las gracias, tus contenidos son muy buenos. Christmas: Christmas! Pues la verdad que son opciones muy buenas para dar un giro al CV y enfrentar este nuevo ano con nuevas expectativas. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Yo ya compre dos de estas plantillas y una de video, y te puedo asegurar que mi CV ha cambiado 100% y quedo mucho mas atractivo, y lo del VideoCurriculum pues es un exito total, pues poca gente lo usa. Marketing - Cloudnames! Te recomiendo una de las opciones ya veras que te encantara como queda. Pros! Un fuerte abrazo amigo. How To Make A Social Media Marketing - Cloudnames! Hola Ignacio, muy buen post sobre las plantillas de CV. Estan muy bien para lugares como LinkedIn y otras. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Aunque ahora es mejor dejar o enviar el curriculum en video ?verdad?. Letter Sample Employed 1000 Images! Sobre todo por la originalidad y la forma de expresarte. Pros Lease | Streeteasy! Aunque pienso que las dos formas son complementarias. Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Free Psd, Download! | Free! Me gustaria saber tu opinion.

Muchas gracias por el articulo. Lease | Streeteasy! Hola Rafael, muchas gracias, me alegra saber que te gusta el post. Postcard Template Christmas: Party Invitations! La verdad que el video curriculum esta muy bien y es muy original, yo mismo he comprado y creado el mio con una de estas plantillas. Pero a mi manera de ver son complementarios y me gusta enviar los dos porque no aporta cosas que el otro formato no. Pros | Streeteasy! Por eso mi consejo es, si puedes yo crearia uno creativo y otro de video. Business Case Analysis Template Idea! Si no puedes optaria por el tradicional/creativo. Espero que te vaya muy bien y un abrazo. & Cons | Streeteasy! hola. 48 Best Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest! me encanto, pero todas son pagas?#8230; Hola Claudio! Que alegria haber encontrado este post, llevaba tiempo buscando algo asi.

Te queria preguntar por tu experiencia en los de pago. Pros | Streeteasy! ?Te mandan una plantilla y ya la tienes para siempre? Es decir que la puedo modificar siempre que quiera ?verdad? Y entiendo que son fiables estas paginas por lo que he leido de tu experiencia. Cover Letter Self Images Sample! Muchas gracias Maria, me alegro que te haya gustado. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month! Eso es, las de pago te envian la plantilla y puedes modificarla siempre que quieras, es tuya. Template Free Epd Documents Download! | Free! Son paginas fiables, yo mismo he comprado varias plantillas en algunas de ellas y hasta hoy no me han dado problemas. Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Hola Claudio felicidades por tu Blog y por compartir con todos tus valiosos conocimientos, me gustaria me puedas ayudar con algo y es que quiero crear mi CV de una menera representativa pero no encuentro el mejor enfoque.

Yo soy profesional de la administracion de empresas, labore por mas de 15 anos con entidad financiera, hace 5 anos estoy como independiente y me he formado en varias cosas que me apasionan, por ejemplo tengo una empresa de diseno y desarrollo web y presto servicios en todo lo relacionado con marketing , adicionalmente soy asesor y consulto en gerencia de proyectos para empresas impulsando el crecimiento de estas y tambien soy coaching certificado , presto servicios a particulares en coaching life y a profesionales en coaching empresarial y personal branding, en resumen lo que me mas me apasiona es el coaching y el marketing pero no he logrado enfocar mi CV para mi propia imagen. Business Case Analysis Template | Template Idea! me gustaria saber su recomendacioon para esto. Pros | Streeteasy! Muchas gracias Pedro por el comentario. Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Psd, Epd Documents Download!! Me alegro mucho saber que este post te ha sido interesante. Of Month-To-Month! Pues yo en tu lugar haria varios CV distintos, dependiendo de la oferta de trabajo o sector a que te diriges. Postcard Christmas: Party Postcards! En lo del diseno web un poco mas visual y no el tipico, donde predomine el diseno por encima de las palabras porque asi muestras la esencia de lo que ofreces. En los otros, una mezcla entre un CV minimalista que destaque tu imagen y experiencia y un poco de creatividad. Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Pero que sea un CV con aspecto mas profesional, pues van mas de acuerdo a lo que te propones como Coaching. Business Idea! Espero que lo consigas definir y te vaya muy bien. & Cons! Buenas noches se ven super depinga las plantillas tengo una pregunta hay que tener un programa en especifico para editar las plantillas despues de haberlas comprado? son faciles de editar? gracias espero su pronta respuesta.

Hola Jorge, la mayoria de ellas se edita con photoshop o Ilustrator. How To Make A Social Marketing - Cloudnames Blog! Las gratis, no es necesario. Pros Of Month-To-Month! Si las compras, se quedaran para siempre para ti, podras bajarlas las veces que quieras..Son faciles de editar. Espero que te sean utiles. Postcard Template Christmas: Christmas Party Postcards! Saludos. Of Month-To-Month Lease! Excelente aportacion Claudio, un amplio y versatil post con multiples tipos de CV que se adaptan a los requerimientos del tipo de empresa y empleo. Program Pass Health! Gracias. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Muchas gracias por el comentario Carolina. 48 Best Strategic On Pinterest! Me alegra saber que te gustado el post. Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! La verdad que he querido poner ejemplos distintos para intentar a adaptar a diversas propuestas de empleo. Postcard Template Christmas: Christmas Party Invitations Postcards! Me llevo un par, gracias!

Muchas gracias por el comentario Enzzo. Pros Of Month-To-Month! Me alegra saber que te gustado el post. | Free! Gracias por las descargas. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! Muy interesante hay muchas propuestas positivas y graficas para describir sin duda haz pasado tiempo seleccionandolas y eso se agradece. Postcard Template Christmas: Christmas Party! me han gustado dos pero veremos cuando las comprare, desde Peru. & Cons Lease! Muchas gracias por el comentario Giovanny. How To Make Blog! Me alegra saber que te gustado el post. & Cons! Espero que te sea muy util y te decidas por las que mas te gustan #128521; Que buena entrada Claudio. Template Christmas: Christmas Party Postcards! Y si vamos un poco mas alla y ofrecemos plantillas atractivas pero para aquellos que no saben usar photoShop o similar ademas se lo ponemos facil? Esa es la idea de donde ademas se hace una gestion de envios, estadisticas, seo curriculum, y mucho mas. Te atreves a probarlo y comentas tu experiencia?

Muchas gracias Pedro por el comentario, me alegro que te haya gustado. Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! Pues tiene buena pinta, voy a mirarlo y a ver que tal..Muchas gracias por la aportacion. How To Make Media Marketing - Cloudnames Blog! Enhorabuena por un trabajo eficaz, meticuloso y generoso. Pros & Cons Lease! Suerte a ti y a todos los que tengamos la ocasion de utilizarlo. Media Blog! Muchas gracias Loren por el comentario, me alegra mucho saber que el post te ha venido bien y sea util. Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! Mucha suerte. Christmas! Excelente aportacion mi estimado Claudio. Of Month-To-Month Lease! Debo de actualizar mi viejo CV por uno mas vintage para asi de una sola escaneada visual tener una idea general y en usa solo hoja de lo mas importante que desees mostrar. Cover Letter 1000 Images! Muchas gracias Reynosa por el comentario y te animo a cambiar por uno que crees que sera mas actualizado con tu sector. Of Month-To-Month! Espero que tengas suerte con el nuevo CV.

Hola que tal, yo apenas te sigo en Facebook, aunque ya te sigo por twitter desde hace tiempo, quiero preguntarte si ?conoces algun sitio donde haya plantillas pero para realizar boletines informativos? p.d. Make A Social Marketing! no se si es el medio adecuado para hacerte este tipo de preguntas. Pros Lease | Streeteasy! Hola Ulises, pues la verdad que no conozco, pero si lo hay estara en Google, prueba buscarlo alli y a ver si tienes suerte. Cover Sample About! Un saludo. & Cons | Streeteasy! Me gusta la informacion de este sitio, tiene muy buen estilo, quiero tener un CV como los que aparecen aca! Muchas gracias Elvin, para hacer un CV como estos debes tener una plantilla asi, existen gratis y de pago. Escoje la que mejor sea para ti.

Buenas tardes Claudio, tu guia de como hacer un Curriculum Vitae me cayo del cielo, era lo que estaba buscando, gracias por aporte incondicional y dedicacion lo cual hace la diferencia. Business Case Template! Muchas gracias Noraima por el comentario, me alegra mucho saber que el post te ha venido bien y sea util, esa era la intencion. Pros | Streeteasy! Espero que tengas suerte con el nuevo CV. Make Marketing - Cloudnames Blog! Hola ,el post muy interesante donde comprar video plantillas ? existen gratuitas. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Gracias. Business Case Template! Hola Natalia, depende de las plantillas, hay unas de pago y a mitad del post estan otras tantas gratis. Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Unas se abre con photoshop, otras ilustrator, Word#8230;en la propia plantilla dice el programa necesario. On Pinterest! con que programa puedo abril la pantallas ? Hola Esteban, depende de cada plantilla. Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! En cada una viene el programa con el cual podras abrir las plantillas. Psd, Download! | Free! Ahora que necesito para clase un CV nuevo, me viene excelente Claudio, como siempre contenido muy util para todo lo que tenga que ver con Social Media! Muchas gracias Crack!?

Muchas gracias Daniel por el comentario. Of Month-To-Month Lease! Espero que te sea util y perdona el retraso en contestar. Postcard Template Christmas: Party Invitations Postcards! Te veo menos online y eso supongo que es buena senal. Lease | Streeteasy! Un saludo. Cover Sample 1000 Images Sample! Excel·lent recopilacio de CV de gran qualitat. Lease! Gran treball!! Enhorabona i moltes gracies per Cover Sample About Sample, l#8217;ajuda!! Un placer Vicent, que te sea util.

Un saludo. Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy! Interesantes los archivos, no tenia idea de como crear uno. Gracas. Postcard Christmas: Party! Pues si existen muchas plantillas que te pueden ayudar. & Cons | Streeteasy! Espero que te guste alguna. Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Free Psd, | Free! Saludos. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Excelente trabajo, Claudio ! Ha sido una gran aportacion para mi, ya que despues de muchos anos tengo la necesidad de elaborar nuevamente mi CV y tu trabajo ha sido de gran ayuda, Voy a descargar una plantilla de las que tienen costo, pero el texto viene en ingles y quiero preguntarte como podre utilizarla en nuestro idioma. A Social Media Marketing - Cloudnames! Muchas felicidades y Dios te bendiga por tu esfuerzo. Hola David, muchas gracias y me alegro que te haya sido util.

Pues puedes descargar, antes mira el programa con el cual podras editar cada plantilla por si no lo dominas. Luego es facil es solo hacer clic y cambiar lo que esta en ingles por lo que quieres.

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Writing code motivates me to be productive. I’m going to graduate college in & Cons 11 days. 48 Best Strategic On Pinterest! I’m submitting my last assignment for grading in 5 days. & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy! I’m giving a presentation about my senior research project tomorrow. You’d think that with all that pressure, I’d be banging out code and papers at break-neck pace. Well, I haven’t been. Senioritis has gotten the best of me. It’s been very difficult to bring myself to work my thesis and Japanese assignments knowing that in 11 days it will all average out to a grade on Template Psd, Download!, my transcript that’s mostly predetermined by now. It doesn’t help that I have already secured my post-graduation job. I felt weak and unmotivated yesterday as I struggled to write and prepare my thesis presentation. I needed a boost, but didn’t know where to get it.

I eventually realized that I wanted a couple more features in my research project’s map application for presentation purposes. Boom, I opened my IDE! Boom, I code got banged out! Once I had a task closer to doing what I love, I was suddenly able to focus and be productive. Continue reading → Take notes and learn now, or get them online and learn later.

Today, as I sat in a physics class copying graphs from the lecture slides, I saw the guy in front of Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy me ask his friend, “This is all going to be online later, right?” When he got an affirmative answer, he stopped writing entirely. Even though I knew the notes would be online, I still wanted to copy the graphs. Mental Health Assessment Regional! Taking notes means distilling the Lease | Streeteasy, presented information and picking out the important parts, which implies at least some level of understanding. If I can’t explain something to myself on paper, it means I need to be asking more questions. As I’ve written before, it helps me learn. Continue reading → I love my internship. I’m doing fun, challenging coding work, I’m absorbing office culture, and Postcard Christmas: Party, I get to sit in on seminars about business practices. It’s great because I feel like I’m learning what I need to Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease, know about the software industry that I can’t learn in a classroom. But moreover, my internship is great because I don’t have signs like these on my door anymore. As much as I’m excited to Case Template | Template Idea, go back this fall, I’m so glad classes are out for summer!

Handling a busy schedule with Google and without Reddit. My spring semester started two weeks ago and already I feel swamped. I’ve entered a semester-long robot competition in Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy addition to having a normal course load, and Planning On Pinterest | Strategic, I have summer internship applications and Of Month-To-Month Lease, club responsibilities to juggle. The hardest part is that whenever I have a free moment and I just have to take a break, I can’t relax without thinking to myself that I have a full to-do list, and I don’t have any excuse for not doing those things that have to Template Epd Documents, get done. I’m doing two things differently this semester to organize the deluge of Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy work, and it has worked well so far. Google Calendar and Tasks. I discovered this semester that if you turn on Tasks in Google Calendar and – 22+ Free Psd, Download!, assign due dates to them, they show up on the calendar with little checkboxes. | Streeteasy! When you check an Letter Sample 1000 Images About Sample item, it draws a satisfying little line through the title of the task. I use tasks for my things to do outside of Pros & Cons Lease class, like club duties and internship deadlines.

Those show up in 48 Best On Pinterest | Strategic orange. Lease | Streeteasy! I have a seperate green calendar for Analysis Template Idea homework, so I can see at a glance what has an Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month academic deadline and what might be put off until tomorrow. I also have calendars for How To Make Media Blog class times and general events. In the past, I’ve kept track of homework assignments in my head. It worked well throughout high school and had worked out Pros Lease, all right until now. Christmas: Christmas Party Invitations Postcards! But without my calendars, I don’t think I could keep up this semester. & Cons! It’s amazing how many times I’ve thought to myself, “I feel like I have nothing to do; there must be something!” at Letter Sample 1000 which point I check the calendar and find that yes, there are at least five or six things I should be doing. Having a ready list keeps me on task. Just having everything on the calendar also helps me realize how little time I actually have and how important it is to Pros Lease | Streeteasy, schedule well.

I’m a big fan of I like the community, and I always find interesting articles to Health Assessment Program – Ute Pass Health, read. I even participated in the first Reddit Secret Santa last year. The problem with it for me is that once I click a link or two, I find myself clicking more, and Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, I can never get away from it. At some point over winter break, I decided that although I was having a very relaxing vacation spending hours a day on Reddit and never getting out of bed, not being productive was getting on 48 Best Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest, my nerves. I’d think of & Cons Of Month-To-Month lots of projects I wanted to work on, and at the end of the day, nothing happened. To break that pattern, I decided that for my new year’s resolution I would remove the Reddit link on Bbq Menu Psd, Download! | Free, my browser toolbar and & Cons, abstain from the site altogether. I didn’t think I could handle never visiting Reddit again, so I decided to stay away until February and reevaluate my decision at that time.

Well, it has been a month, and even though I miss keeping up with news and memes, avoiding Reddit has been wonderful for my productivity. I’m a little sad to say that for the sake of How To A Social Plan - Cloudnames my classes I’m going to have to continue my resolution into the rest of the Pros & Cons, spring semester. My classmates are taking their notes digitally, but I can’t fathom how they keep up. I noticed today that as I frantically scribbled to keep up with my philosophy professor’s lecture, there was an audible hum of typing in the classroom. It was the first time I noticed that I could count more students using netbooks than notebooks to take notes in class. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to Business Case Template | Template, take notes with a pen and paper. As I’ve discussed previously, the act of writing helps cement the lecture material in my mind better than passive listening does, and studies have shown that it’s not just me [pdf]. & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! Still, I know that my old-fashioned ways are quickly going out of Make A Social Media Plan - Cloudnames Blog style. I don’t know if typing notes aids memory as well as taking notes on Of Month-To-Month Lease, paper does, but I do know that it does not work for me. I decided at the beginning of last year that it would be nice to bring my laptop to How To A Social Media Blog, class so that my notes would be neatly organized (and actually legible for once), and changed my mind after only & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy one or two classes.

I could never type fast enough to keep up with the professor, and every five minutes I found myself cursing at not being able to copy the diagram on the board. Marketing Plan - Cloudnames! It was a relief to Of Month-To-Month, have my Five Stars and Pentel R.S.V.P.s back at Letter Employed 1000 Images About Sample the end of that little experiment. Considering my negative experience, I wonder how my classmates can keep up. I know that not everyone learns the same way I do; maybe my peers don’t need notes as copious as mine in order to do well. If notes are going digital soon anyway, maybe there is a technology that will make up for Pros | Streeteasy my ineptitude with typed notes. Tablet computers have been around for 48 Best Strategic Planning Images | Strategic years, but I know only one person who uses one in class, and even then she types rather than using the stylus to take written notes. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! (Maybe Apple’s soon-to-be-announced tablet will bring tablet computers into Psd, Epd Documents Download! | Free, more common use, the same way the iPhone has with smartphones.) There are also electronic pens which record your written notes for later uploading. I was able to test-write one such pen at MacWorld Expo last year, and Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease, it was all right. It would probably mesh well with my way of Bbq Menu – 22+ Free Epd Documents Download! learning, but I don’t trust myself either to & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease, bring one pen to every class or to A Social Media Plan - Cloudnames, keep it charged. I’m also not sure if my busy schedule can accommodate the extra step of uploading the & Cons, notes from the pen to my computer.

Of course, I’m making the assumption that my classmates are actually using their computers to take notes rather than goof off online, which is a huge leap of faith and a different rant entirely. But even though I’m not keeping up with the latest tech trends in note-taking, I’m doing what works best for my learning style, and On Pinterest | Strategic, I’m okay with that. Google Student Blog misses the mark. I subscribe to the Google Student Blog primarily for scholarship announcements, but the majority of Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy posts are ideas on how students can use Google Docs to simplify their lives. Sometimes the suggestions are good, but most of the time the ideas are too mundane to be of much use. The most recent post, however, is just patronizing. Apparently the Google Docs help site has set up a new Docs for Map – Health Regional Students page, designed to “highlight how various student populations can use Google Docs in their daily life.” Unfortunately, rather than sort tips and Of Month-To-Month Lease, tricks by document type or class subject, the content is distributed among five stories of fictional students using Docs to Bbq Menu Template Free Psd,, accomplish tasks that might be better accomplished though other means. For example, Lisa is Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy a French major and very excited about starting her classes. On the first day of class, the French teacher doesn’t speak a word of English. Lisa’s French is good but she realizes she needs some help.

To test her ability, she pastes an article about soccer from a French newspaper in a Google Docs document and How To Plan, tries to understand what it says. Then, she uses the Translate document feature to test her knowledge. Turns out, she doesn’t know as many French words as she’d like to, but this helps her improve her vocabulary. Granted, I appreciate being able to & Cons Of Month-To-Month, translate chunks of foreign-language text into English. I am just amazed that Google thinks that it isn’t enough to inform me of the feature, and that it would be better to frame a story of a French major around the Make A Social Media Blog, feature so that I might better relate to her. It sounds as though it is Pros & Cons Lease supposed to appeal to Make Plan Blog, a middle school student, rather than a college student. (A college student should at least know that Lisa would learn more effectively if she looked up the unknown words herself, rather than translating the document all in one go.) Sadly, it gets worse. Lisa’s life long dream is to study abroad in Paris. She applies for a study abroad program during her Sophomore year. To help her gain an edge on the competition, she decides to use one of the many professional looking resume templates in Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy the Google Docs template gallery and Template | Template, picks one particular template called Blue Rays Resume. Between the styles on the template and Pros | Streeteasy, her well written essay in French, she impresses the judges and is selected to go to Paris.

I’m no human resources expert, but I shudder at the thought of sending out my resume using that template. Google does have a few nice resume templates, but that isn’t one of them. What is Google trying to tell me here? If I use Google Docs, I could be chosen to go to Map – Pass Regional Health, Paris like Lisa? Google could have made a well-organized list of Of Month-To-Month reasons why college students should use Docs. Christmas: Party Postcards! There really are some compelling reasons, including no cost, ease of collaboration, and Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, the ability to back up documents and access them from any browser. Instead, they wrote success stories for us to Case Template | Template, relate to. I’m just not impressed.

A group project actually taught me something. One of my favorite classes this semester has been Intro to Cognitive Science . I took the | Streeteasy, class because more than a few of my friends who think the same way I do are Cognitive Science majors, and Cover Letter Sample Self Employed 1000 Images About, this semester the class was taught by one of the rock-star professors in Pros Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy the department. He’s a great lecturer, and Map – Mental Health Health, I think I’ve learned a lot from the & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, class about Make A Social Marketing, cognitive function, as well as the crossover between cognitive science and computer science. I might even get more into Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month, studying artificial intelligence before I graduate. That said, while I think very highly of Case this professor, he did something I thought to be ridiculous this past week: he assigned a group essay. I dislike group projects as much as the next person, because I worry that my group members will slack off and leave me with the & Cons Of Month-To-Month, brunt of the work. But even if they’re all hard workers, it still doesn’t feel fair to me that my grade will be partially determined by the efforts of people I have no control over. So to take control and ensure a good project, I feel pressured to take extra time and Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Psd, Download! | Free, help the group members who need extra coaching to Pros Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, produce a decent piece of writing, which still does not seem fair. Just having a group project is one thing, and I probably would have been okay with a different kind of project. Usually in these sorts of situations the group members can divvy up the work and put it all together close to Template – 22+ Free, the due date, spending minimal time consulting with other group members. But this assignment was a group essay . Essays, as I know them, are supposed to have a single point of view throughout to create coherence.

How were we supposed to write the paper, I thought, without sitting together the whole time so that the & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease, person who wrote the conclusion knew what the person who who wrote the introduction had written? How was one paragraph supposed to follow smoothly to the next when the next paragraph had not been written yet? The worst part, I felt, was that this was the last assignment in the class before finals season, meaning that during the time everyone was rushing to Case, finish final class projects and study for & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease finals, we also had to Business Case | Template Idea, find time to meet as a group. It would have been more courteous, I thought, for the professor to Pros Of Month-To-Month, have assigned this project much earlier in the semester. Despite the fact that I spent a significantly larger amount of Template Christmas: Invitations time worrying about the Pros | Streeteasy, paper than actually writing it, the method we used to divide the work actually worked fairly well.

Everyone did their research and How To A Social Media - Cloudnames, came up with topics for the essay independently, and & Cons Lease, we went with the best idea among the four of us. Bbq Menu – 22+ Download!! The essay prompt came with 8 questions that had to be answered, so we divvied up the Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy, questions and 48 Best Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest | Strategic, answered them each in Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy a paragraph or two. To put the Strategic On Pinterest | Strategic, whole thing together, we used Google Docs to compile our sections into one document, then sat around a table for a couple hours, each on our own laptops, reading through the paper, asking each other questions about what we had written, and editing simultaneously (Google Docs is cool with simultaneous editing like that). The end result did not flow as a paper written by one person might have, but it was at least coherent. My fellow group members really liked the simultaneous editing idea, and they had fun watching comments and corrections appear spontaneously in their writing. I understand why students have to complete group projects: working in groups doesn’t stop in school, and we’ll probably be doing collaborative work the rest of our lives. For this paper specifically, the professor told us outright that the Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy, reason he assigned it was that no one researcher writes a scientific paper alone anymore, and that articles are now expected to include descriptions of how each author contributed. However, the difference between group projects in business and in schools is that in business there is usually a designated group leader, whereas in Map – Mental Assessment Program – Ute Regional school the Pros, group members are expected to agree on Map – Mental Health Assessment Pass Regional Health, everything democratically.

This slows down the group’s progress and Pros & Cons Lease, increases the Business Analysis, need for constant consultation, which is the part that bothers me the & Cons | Streeteasy, most. In retrospect, I guess assigning a group essay was not all that silly. I did learn some cool stuff about how the brain processes vision, and I did introduce my groupmates to the wonders of Google Docs. 48 Best On Pinterest! But the & Cons, experience was still stressful, and like most students, I wish my professors would refrain from assigning group projects altogether! I’ve been a Dropbox user for Make A Social Marketing Plan - Cloudnames Blog about six months now, and it’s been pretty useful. I use it primarily to transfer files between my own computer and my computer science department lab account. It also comes in Pros & Cons Lease | Streeteasy handy to share a quick picture online: dragging and dropping the file into my public dropbox folder is easier than opening a browser and uploading the picture to Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Free Psd, Epd Documents Download! | Free, a hosting service. Still, it’s only been useful in a minor way so far, and hasn’t really done anything I couldn’t have done already with a little more effort.

That has changed. Pros Lease | Streeteasy! Enter the Dropbox iPhone app [iTunes link]. This app solves a problem I’ve been having, namely storing PDFs on my iPod Touch. A few of my professors upload their class readings online as PDFs, and before now I’d had no way of Bbq Menu Template – 22+ Free Psd, Epd Documents storing several PDFs on my iPod for Lease | Streeteasy offline viewing. The Dropbox app lets you not only access files in your Dropbox folder, but lets you download your “favorites” for faster (offline) viewing. This essentially gives my iPod the eReader functionality I’ve been wanting since I got it. I’ve tried other apps, like Stanza, for uploading PDFs, but I had too much trouble syncing. Stanza must be synced over a local wifi network, and Template Epd Documents Download!, my school’s network doesn’t seem to allow it. Syncing to the Dropbox app couldn’t be easier; it’s just click and drag.

The other problem the Dropbox app solves is transferring photos quickly and Pros & Cons | Streeteasy, easily from the iPod Touch to my computer. Template Idea! Syncing my iPod with my Mac is a pain sometimes; half the time the Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, computer refuses to recognize the iPod at all, and the other half of the time, it thinks it’s a camera and Business Case Analysis Template | Template, doesn’t open iTunes. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month! Now I can upload photos from my iPod to my Dropbox account, and from there I can save them on my computer in less time than it takes iTunes to realize my iPod has been plugged in. Admittedly, this would be a more useful feature if I had an iPhone instead of an iPod Touch, but this feature did allow me to upload the screenshots I took quite speedily. Unfortunately, the Dropbox app only lets you upload photos.

It would be fantastic if it could upload notes as text files. 48 Best Strategic Planning Images On Pinterest | Strategic! If it had just this one extra feature, I’d probably pay about $5 for the app. However, the Lease | Streeteasy, best part is that I don’t have to. It’s free! Click to expand thumbnails of the app in action. This new semester marks my third year studying Japanese, and I don’t think I could have done it without and its Kanji by Radicals index ( jisho is dictionary in Postcard Christmas: Postcards Japanese). In my Advanced Japanese class, we primarily review grammar and learn new Kanji, but the hardest part for me is that the Pros & Cons Lease, instructions in Make Media Marketing Plan Blog our homework are in Japanese for Lease | Streeteasy the first time. has saved my life, or at least my homework, on more than one occasion this year, and for Cover Images About this I thank it. Update (9/19/09): I recently discovered that also has a mobile version for Of Month-To-Month Lease iPhone/iPod Touch that works better than most dedicated Japanese translation apps. I highly recommend it!

Digitalized textbooks are one thing, but … I’ve always said I would love to have digital textbooks, reasons being that I would greatly appreciate the flexibility to read on either my computer or iPod Touch or to print pages I need in hard copy. Bbq Menu Template Free! Annotating wouldn’t be a problem for me because I rarely find myself writing in books anyway. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease! When reading textbooks, I usually find myself wishing I could just do a ctrl+F, and I would really appreciate not having to Business Template | Template Idea, lug heavy books around. Most importantly, cheaper books are always a plus for me, and a win for people without access to libraries who want access to more cheap reading material. Today I found out that a couple of the books I need for classes this semester are available as Kindle downloads. I don’t own a Kindle, but I have the app for my iPod Touch that would let me read Kindle downloads. Pros | Streeteasy! However, I decided not to Template Christmas Party Invitations Postcards, go with the & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy, Kindle downloads. Here’s how my options stack up for Kindle download vs. actual books:

Flexibility: I would normally appreciate a digital textbook for the flexibility of reading it on more than one device. As far as I can tell with the Kindle, its downloads are only readable on Business Analysis | Template Idea, the Kindle or iPod Touch. The iPod is great for reading between classes and on the go, but to just sit and read, I would want to use my computer, for sure. The book wins this battle. Searchability: The download wins this round. I’ll buy way more books when they figure out Pros & Cons, how to add control and F keys to them. Price: For this semester, I looked at two books available as digital downloads. One was a paperback book with a $16 list price, $11 Amazon price, and a $9.99 Kindle price. Not much savings there.

The difference in prices on the larger textbook was greater, but not particularly significant: Amazon shows a $153 list price, a $120 Amazon price, and a $99 Kindle price. The download sounds like a good deal there, but these prices are only for new copies. Template | Template! Used copies sold in & Cons | Streeteasy the Amazon marketplace for this book started at Postcard Template Christmas: Christmas $65. For the books I need, at least, Kindle downloads offered no significant price savings. Portability: Considering one of the Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, books I looked at was a substantial text book, I will give the win to Postcard Christmas: Party Invitations Postcards, the download, but only by a bit. I look forward to the day when I will only have to bring one device with me to hold my textbooks, as opposed to the armfuls one can find herself hauling when a research paper is in the works. Annotation : Despite the fact that I rarely annotate books (I usually take notes separately with reference to page numbers if I must), the & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy, win still goes to the books here. Kindle downloads can be annotated using an actual Kindle device, but not through the iPhone app (the app can be used to read existing notes, though). Testability: In my computer science department, the Cover Self Employed Sample, majority of tests are open book/open note.

Not only would I not be able to use an Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month Lease | Streeteasy electronic device to view the book, but with Kindle downloads I wouldn’t even be able to print out crucial pages to A Social Media Plan - Cloudnames Blog, bring to the test. Pros & Cons Of Month-To-Month | Streeteasy! The win clearly goes to non-electronic books. I think Amazon is missing an obvious market: computer users. Health Assessment Pass Regional Health! If I were only able to read Kindle downloads on my computer, that would solve the Pros & Cons, flexibility problem, and would ideally solve the Images On Pinterest, annotation problem. Until I can purchase my textbooks as PDFs that I can annotate and use with all my devices, I think I’ll just have to stick to good old fashioned paper and ink.